Wood fence with vine.




in a name?


[stah-gee] adjective

Dull, uninspired. We take it to mean simple and unpretentious. It also means heavy and filling, full of carbs. The perfect name for this Stodgy place.

We are a casual neighborhood gathering space in north-west Fort Collins, where people can connect and relax around great beer. We are founded by a brewer and a landscaper and we have a large outdoor patio and cozy indoor spaces to drink beer.


If you’re a long-time Fort Collins
resident, you probably know our building.

Maybe you’ve driven by a hundred times and wondered...what is that place? You may have once bought a stove there. Originally part of the Forney Industries complex, 1802 Laporte Avenue was best known as the Friendly Fire building, a long standing stove and fireplace store from 1974-2007.

We're not sure there's
anything this place hasn't been.

35 (ish) chimneys, a fireplace-waterfall combo, a 4-ton masonry stove, a vacuum-controlled styrofoam bead insulation system, and a sloped video projection wall are just some of the features this building has boasted over the years. Rumor has it there was a basketball court in there at one point. And a hot tub showroom. Since then it’s been sitting for sale, begging to be turned into something awesome.

It’s perfect for us.

The minute we stepped inside this space, we knew it was the right spot for Stodgy. Developing 1802 Laporte Ave. into Stodgy Brewing Company wasn’t exactly a straightforward or easy process, but it was worth it! The character of this building is hard to beat, and is the perfect backdrop for our brewery and taproom.

The process of converting
this building was far from typical.

We attempted to reclaim every good piece of wood or partially whole piece of slate. We reused the old wood floors for the ceiling and turned soapstone wood-burning stove parts into a unique tile floor! All of the trim in our building is fence wood from the site, and our bar is made of black walnut that grew on this property.